15 Minutes for a Hair Style: 3 Variants to Try Out

Women hate unpredictable situations. A flawless image for no time is a real trouble, especially if you’re not fond of dealing with it yourself. So, if your hands start shaking nervously at the thought of another hairdo for a formal or informal occasion, keep on reading. You will not need specific skills to achieve elegance and a matching look for any outfit you’re planning to wear.

Messy & Charming

The cute mess will help you save your time for something more pleasant to do in the morning. Yep, it’s that very look that you have right when you finally get out of your bedroom. Guys are mad about easily looking clean and healthy locks, and we know how to nail it with minimum trouble.

  • Thoroughly wash your hair and don’t forget about the use of the care products. Scrupulously rinse the scalp area.
  • Get a texturing spray of your liking and a mousse. These products are applied to the damp hair.
  • Now let’s create a charming “mess”. Use round brushes of any diameter while drying and curling the strands down from the middle. This way you’ll create a massive volume sustained by a properly applied mousse.
  • You’ll need some powerful fixation spray to fix things up. Spray at the roots.
  • Use wax to shape ends.
  • Dry shampoo creates miracles! Put it in your handbag before you get to the office or to a late party. This way you’ll always have a tool to improve your coiffure. Besides, it’s a perfect tool for creating the volume in the morning if you’ve spent the night at someone else’s place.
  • Use only best tourmaline flat irons

Careless Knot

Casual world of today demands simplicity and ultimate pragmatism. You need to be ready for a routine traveling to the office as well as for a late night cocktail party. Your hairstyle should be flexible in order to be harmonious for any everyday situation. Let’s have a look at the simplified variation of a retro babette.

  •    Before you proceed with the styling, make sure that your hair is clean and dry. Don’t forget about a mousse that should be used on the wet strands in order to achieve the light and airy result.
  •    Make a plain parting.
  •    Now it’s time to add volume and shape to your locks.

If you’ve got enough time, you can use a large curling iron and make the big soft curls. If you’re pressed for time, make some bundles, cover each of them with the foil and heat the bundles with a flat iron. If you’re planning your hairdo for the morning, you can use soft curlers for the night. This way you’ll have the ready-made volume in the morning – you’ll just have to brush through the strands and proceed to the final step.

  •    Gather the curled and brushed through locks at the top of your head. Use hairgrips, bobby pins, elastics, silk ribbons or harnesses if necessary. You can also take out some of the locks at the front in order to frame your face. Don’t forget about the fixation spray.

Gathered hair always looks classy, and a classic look is never out of fashion. Combine it with the accessories according to the occasion.


Wet Waves

This style has been popular for shoulder length hair. It’s easy and demands almost no time and skill to deal with. Any powerful gel will help you to achieve this wet effect. Wet hair can be styled neatly and smoothly or completely carelessly and playfully.

  • Wash the hair and use Osis Big Blast root preparation while wet.
  • You should start with the smooth and straight strands.

If your hair’s curly, it will do everything on its own. Any gel or mousse will do.

  •    The wet texture is created with a strong gel product applied to the full length. A comb will be very helpful here.
  •    The fluffy effect is created by fingers –you won’t need any specific skills to realize that it is as easy as pie. Gel makes hair supple. You may use wax to work with the ends. Make them spiky for a more playful look!
  •    If you’re not willing to get the wet effect from the roots, do the same with a ponytail on the back or on the side of your head.
  •    Forget the hairdryer if you don’t wish to destroy the wet texture (Yes, making the wet effect is very easy, but it takes time to “get ready” on its own).

You shouldn’t think that this style out of trends. It’s as practical as a usual ponytail. It’s basic and takes no hard work to deal with every morning.