New York Fashion Week Presents Top 5 Confusing Beauty Trends

It’s evident that beauty trends are not for everyone. They may be perfect for the runway or for a certain model, but high fashion mostly has nothing to do with common sense. If you aren’t willing to attract attention in your everyday life, you won’t dye your hair green, wear dreadlocks and spread lipstick all over the face. However, certain people of extravagant fashion have charm and ability to look harmoniously all together with the unpredictable elements of style. Such people may be a nice inspiration for the development of your personal style. Let’s have a brief look at the latest and weirdest trends we’ve seen during the Fashion Week in NY and see whether it’s a true inspiration or just nuts.

1. Metal wire nail art

Sounds strange, right? Looks like a perfect choice for someone who’s spent a fortune on a manicure and tries hard to protect it. It’s impossible to imagine wearing these fancy nails while shaking hands, doing make-up or touching cheeks and hair of your significant other. …

2. Sleek side swept fringe

This old-fashioned hair trend makes everyone wonder what’s wrong with your hair and whether your last haircut turned out to be successful. Besides, you’ll have to constantly keep it fixed, which may be tricky. This hairstyle is not suitable for a practical modern woman.

3. Huge hair elastics from the 90s

Yep, they’ve been extremely popular (like this best wave brush) among the lovers of good old aerobics classes of the past. These accessories were found aesthetically valuable for no specific reason. The modern world of everyday fashion calls this confusing trend a sign of awful taste.

4. Enormous fake nails

This is one more flashback from the 90s. We have no idea how it managed to survive in the world of today. This grandma’s nail design is not only embarrassing but also dangerous for the health of the natural nails. Fake nails have to be fixed with glue that spoils top layers of your nail. Besides, they look frightening.

5. Nose ring

Yep, initially, such rings were pierced into the bulls’ noses. Teenagers started using them quite long ago to stand out of the crowd and demonstrate their rebellious nature. The rings became huge and broke out onto the runway. None of the models wearing these looked harmonious.