Hi! I’m Dayna, the blogger. In my life and around the web, I wear a few different hats.

I’m an American abroad. I was born to Dutch parents in England, and raised in small-town USA. I’m a dual Dutch-American citizen, but spent twenty years living in the States before moving to the Netherlands to live with my boyfriend. More on that later.

I’m a partner. I met my boyfriend, Ken, when we were in the fourth grade together. I ran into him again at the age of eighteen, when we were both a lot taller and in possession of all our adult teeth. After a whirlwind few days of romance and impulsiveness, we decided to stick it out with the Atlantic Ocean between us. Five years, several countries, we are still together. I’m disgustingly in love with him, so if that’s not your cup of tea, definitely don’t read the following two posts.