Excellent Choice in Hairstyling: Review on Hot Air Dryer Trends in 2018

The morning of every woman is dedicated to creating a beautiful hairstyle. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time. Hot air brushes can save a few morning hours.

Features of the selected models

Hot air brush is the best mixture of two tools: a comb and a hairdryer. During the styling of the hair, the brush rotates, which both dry and straighten the hair. It saves a lot of time and efforts. Usually, there are several nozzles in the kit that allow twisting the strands in any order.

  • The device creates a beautiful styling.
  • It is comfortable in use.
  • The styling time is greatly reduced.
  • Curls look smooth, shiny and well-groomed.
  • The device is noisy and can be heavy.

When choosing a hot air dryer pay attention to such indicators: The package. Different models have a different number of nozzles. It's good if there is a storage location for the entire instrument. Before buying, make sure that everything is in its places.   Temperature settings. A too high heating degree can dry your hair. Choose the device with the lowest temperature option or those with various temperature options.   Overheat protection. If necessary, the hair dryer switches off automatically.   Different blowing modes. Hot stream dries curls, warm - simulates hair, cold - fixes the result.   Ionization. Protects hair from drying, removes static electricity.   Steam humidification. It creates curly locks quickly and humidifies them.   The cord. For traveling it is better to choose a wireless model. If the hair dryer is plugged into the outlet, the cord should be long and spiral.   Pay attention to the size, color and other external characteristics of the device as well.

  1. Infiniti Hair Dryer Pro by Conair

It is a very convenient tool. It comes with different temperature settings, so it fits any hair type. Since this hot air brush spins in both directions, you can easily grip and release hair without using another hand. The device has a barrel protector: it protects the thin plastic teeth from bending and deforming.   Quick review:

  • An air brush, that spins
  • True ion generator included
  • Rotates in both directions
  • Tangle-free antistatic bristles
  • 3 temperature settings and
  1. Calista Curling Brush

Its barrel features thick solid nylon teeth that don’t bend or melt under the high temperature. There is no chance of burning or scratching scalp, so everyone, even children can safely use this device.   Quick review:

  • Includes Perfecter Pro Grip Heated Round Brush and thermal travel bag
  • Fusion Heat technology: ceramic and ionic properties
  • 325F to 395F temperature range

  1. Vidal Sasson Heated Brush

Vidal Sasson has basic attributes and comes with no attachments. It has long plastic fibers with anti-tangling technology. Round tips of teeth prevent scratching and hair damaging. It has two temperature settings and two speeds, that is very convenient. There’s a slider for temperature setting and a curl release button placed on the device.   Quick review:

  • 1 inch barrel with soft, tangle free bristles
  • High/low heat switch
  • Cool tip
  • Barrel switch locks in place to curl and unlocks to release hair
  • 250 Watts of power