Together with our expert Monica Davis, we collected five main reasons that say that the hair is not all right and you need to go to a doctor.
Beautiful well-groomed hair is a dream of any woman. Women which have a good hair by nature know how difficult to preserve the health and youth of curls. And if you only dream of long hair, but can not grow them, we advise you to pay attention to one of these problems.

Reason number 1: brittle hair, split ends

This problem affects the hair shaft (this is a visible part of the hair that forms the length and, in fact, forms the hair). Dry hair, dull color, split ends, and tangling are possible signals of impending troubles.
A hair shaft is a multilayer structure formed by the cuticle, cortical and medullary layers, in which cells with a pigment are located. In the formation of cells of these structures a very important role is played by proteins and lipids. Cuticle – the most durable layer of the hair shaft, which forms in the inner part of the hair follicle and as it grows it breaks, revealing the inner layers. This leads to loss of moisture and the accumulation of electrical charge, which subsequently causes a deterioration in the aesthetic properties of hair.
Possible causes of the problem: UV irradiation, chemical compounds, scratching, temperature changes.
How to solve: first of all, go to the proper hair care (safe combing, quality shampoos and conditioners-balms, masks, protective equipment, including protection from UV and temperature differences). It is also necessary to use therapeutic hair masks and adhere to a rational diet and daily regimen. Corneo-and cuticle-therapy is suitable from the procedures (it is a whole complex of SPA-procedures for the hair shaft)

Reason number #2: hair loss

The localization of this problem is the hair follicle (the root of the hair located inside the scalp skin), the disruption of the cycling of the work is accompanied by hair loss. Normally, we lose 80 to 100 hairs a day (in the course of cyclic growth). This figure can vary: depending on the season, certain age changes, and in some women of reproductive age – from the phase of the menstrual cycle.
The main sign of future “trouble” is the reduction in the amount of hair. Also it is worth attention if there is no obvious loss of hair, but noticeably their thinning that accompanies the sensation of tightening the scalp, itching, a feeling of “running goosebumps”.
Possible causes of the problem: age, the presence of somatic diseases, hormonal disorders, acute and chronic stress, and much more, which causes a violation of the immune and neuroendocrine regulation of our body.
How to solve: for this problem, complex therapy is needed, which includes both medications and external therapeutic techniques. The choice of the path of treatment is carried out after the examination, which is determined by the doctor-trichologist (sometimes together with other specialists). From local procedures, anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic physiotherapy procedures are performed using therapeutic lotions, serums and gels, mesotherapy, PRP-therapy and a new high-tech procedure Regenera

Reason #3: dandruff

This common problem is often one of the manifestations of infectious lesions directly to the scalp. In this case, dandruff is often considered an annoying misunderstanding or an unpleasant effect of improperly selected care. However, in fact, the appearance of dandruff is caused by a microorganism from the Malassezia family of fungi.
Pay attention to the hair and scalp in particular, also stands with Acne and seborrheic dermatitis. Remember that timely treatment will not only improve the appearance and facilitate daily care, but will also help prevent hair loss, which often begins when the doctor does not contact the doctor in time.
How to solve: to get rid of dandruff most often helps nutraceutical correction, the selection of medicinal products of local use (lotions and serums), medical procedures and physiotherapy on the scalp. Do not be superfluous and means of cosmetic care of the appropriate purpose, including therapeutic shampoos

Reason #4: long-term use of medications

When using antibiotics, iron, antitumor drugs, anticoagulants, hormonal and antiulcer drugs, antimycotics, as well as the use of anesthesia, it is recommended to visit the trichologist. All these groups of drugs have a toxic effect on the hair follicle, disrupting the growth cycle and hair loss. In this case, most often violations occur no earlier than 3-6 months after the start of taking medications.
How to solve: sometimes these kinds of problems pass independently or require a minor medical correction with the use of waste procedures and lotions or ampoules.

Reason number #5: age – after 40 years

After this age limit, it is necessary to visit the trichologist and take a personal care program for anti-age correction. Just like the skin, the hair is prone to age-related changes, resulting in a gradual deterioration and change in the appearance of the hair. In the conditions of life of a megacity, the processes of aging of hair appear even when the whole organism is in good shape.
How to solve: for this category, it is required to conduct regular procedures for the purpose of cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the scalp, raising the energy reserve of the hair follicles. The program is developed individually – depending on the problem and features of the genetics of age-related changes. The procedures of trichological peeling, laser stimulation, PRP-therapy and innovative technique of cell therapy of autobiobath of hair follicles Regenera proved to be well established.