Over the years, your luxurious hairstyle is becoming less and less thick, and luxurious curls lose their luster and attractiveness. How can we cope with this misfortune? We asked our good friend and talented hairstylist Monica Davis and made recommendations for the care of hair and scalp to preserve their beauty and health for many years.
At a young age, we try to follow blindly fashion trends, and never think about the consequences and the health of our hair. The main thing is to be in a trend, and it doesn’t matter if blonde is repainted in a brunette or vice versa, it is a rather complicated and long process. And in a good way such metamorphosis must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist, and it is better to trust him completely.
And then after a while, when you have found your image, hair color and a suitable hairstyle that emphasizes your dignity, it’s time to think about restoring and preserving the beauty of your hair.
It is worth remembering that any procedure gives only a temporary effect. And the beauty and health of hair is the continuous work of specialists and attention to one’s body.
It’s not a secret that with age, hair gradually begins to fall, losing its density and natural brilliance. Therefore, we advise you now to start taking care of the health of the hair and the body as a whole. After all, beauty comes from within, and the state of your health depends on the state of your external qualities.
There are simple rules that we know, but for some reason we do not adhere. For example, when going on holiday to the sea, it is worthwhile to think in advance about the care of hair, scalp, and the whole body.
After the sun and sea water, hair needs to be restored with highly effective drugs, replenishing the loss of moisture. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect hair, especially light and colored, from sunlight. Special products containing solar filters, moisturizing factors and components that restore the structure of the hair, should always be in the traveler’s cosmetic bag.
By the way, blond hair suffers more from the sun due to lack of pigment, so it is much more effective to protect such hair.
As for the protection of the body, it is possible to purchase a sunscreen at the pharmacy, because it contains the necessary protective components. And no adult advertised sunscreen in SPF 30 will not protect you like an ordinary children’s remedy.
And do not forget to take Omega3 vitamins, probiotics and a cream with antioxidants on your vacation – they will help if you burn in the sun. To overcome jestlag, half an hour before going to bed, just drink a little melanin, and better buy it in the form of a spray. Also, before you go to the sea, take care of your facial skin – for a couple of weeks make a procedure of biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid. So your skin will become more hydrated and supple, and the sun’s rays will not be scary. And remember that sunbathing at peak hours (12:00 to 16:00), you risk getting dangerous sunburn. And as a consequence – pigmentation spots, which can appear not immediately, but at a more mature age. To get rid of pigment spots afterwards will be very difficult.
Another important factor that affects the health of hair is proper nutrition. If you have problems with dandruff, it is very important to find the cause and only then begin treatment. Of course, an advertised shampoos can help you, but only if you eat properly. And in fact, your dandruff will not go anywhere. Of course, you can still do a hard peeling of the scalp and forget about dandruff for a couple of weeks. But still you did not get rid of the problem. After all, the causes of dandruff can be several, so you need to conduct a survey. By the way, if you give up sweet, you will notice that dandruff becomes smaller and eventually it can disappear forever.

Expert’s Opinion

“The health of the hair affects how well you eat: do not forget to eat more fruits, we all need alkaline. Drink more water, (it is advisable to choose water that is sold in glass bottles). Alcohol can be consumed, but only in moderation! And it is better to give preference to red dry wines, excluding sweet varieties.”